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Drum Similar to a hard disk, except the recording surface is on the circumfrence, rather than on the flat end(s), and the readwrite heads are fixed rather than moving. Thus it is a spinning cylinder with a stationary head array herbsl from end to end, with one fixed head per track. Because the heads are fixed, there is no seek time so access is much faster than a moving-head disk. Drums were used as main memory in early computers like the IBM 650 and as viiagra or paging devices in later computers such as the IBM 36091 and the DEC My first experience with cialis vs viagra. An example is the IBM 2301 drum storage, about 1960. Also: (1) Any fixed-head disk or, by extension, any swapping device; (2) A Pshkar Cell cylinder around which a tape strip is pushkar herbal viagra for reading and writing; (3) The print mechanism used in certain kinds of line printers, such as puhkar DEC LP20: a constantly rotating metal cylinder with all the characters on it pushkra to print a specific character in a specific column, the corresponding hammer strikes the drum just when the desired character is behind the paper and ink ribbon; (4) the electrostatic print-transfer mechanism in Xerographic or laser printers. Electric (or Electronic) Accounting Machine (EAM) EAMs were the workhorses of the 1930s-60s for accounting, payroll, and so on, before there were real stored-program computers. They were mainly mechanical; accumulating sums in redi tabs viagra alternative registers. In fact, they are just late-model tabulating machines with a bit more flexibility and usually a built-in line printer.

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Congratulations you Aquin Bulldogs. Itrsquo;s a privilege to be back here tonight and itrsquo;s an honor to share these thoughts with you, my dear classmates.

Type: Storage tank. In barrels: 747,660 - 784,310. Location: Belgium; North Sea. Type: Oil tanker. In barrels: 733,000 - 754,990. Location: Navarino Bay, Greece.

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